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heermann portrait LDL.jpg
Portrait of Lewis Heermann in blue navy uniform with gold trim and red sash and lining on cape.

1815-12-22 Heermann to Secretary.pdf
Heermann probably wrote this letter to the Secretary of the Navy shortly after learning of the accustations against him. Heermann defends his conduct and asserts that he has not violated his duty.

1815-10-13 Morrell Letter with account.pdf
In this letter, Robert Morrell elaborates on the charges he leveled against Dr. Lewis Heermann in two earlier letters and provides a financial account to justify the charges.

1816-01-19 Heermann Letter to Secretary.pdf
Heermann defends his actions against Morrell's accusations regarding the derivation of personal profit from military service.

1816-01-19 Account Former Property.pdf
Heermann included this statement of account in his January 19, 1816 letter to Secretary of the Navy Benjamin F. Crowninshield.

1815-12-26 Treasurer's Receipt.pdf
Charles La Blache, in his capacity as Treasurer of the City of New Orleans, issued this receipt for payment of property tax on two lots in the Faubourg Marigny.

1816-01-19 Comparison.pdf
Heermann provides his written commentary on Jacques Tanesse's survey.

1815-12-22 Survey and Plat.pdf
Jacques Tanesse, Surveyor of the City of New Orleans, produced this survey and architectural elevation at the request of Lewis Heermann. Heermann submitted it to the Secretary of the Navy.

1815-12-22 Patterson Letter to Secretary.pdf
Daniel T. Patterson, Commander of the United States Navy forces stationed in New Orleans, wrote to the Secretary of the Navy in defense of Lewis Heermann.


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